We Are An Early-Stage Venture Investor Focused On The Future Of Media And Future Of Work.

Communitas supports innovation at the nexus of Content, Community, and Commerce.

About Us

Communitas Founders is a global early-stage venture investor focused on the Future of Media and Future of Work. We seek to leverage funding, insight and technology to support the bold founders who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and make a lasting positive impact on the digital landscape.

We capitalize on emerging opportunities from the accelerated digital adoption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the shift in the digital economy to Web3 and the rapid growth of the Creator economy.

We support the transformation of offline experiences to online, harnessing the power of global communities with a shared passion and mission.

Key Investment Themes

The Future of Media

we empower game-changing real-time media platforms that combine Content, Community and Commerce to differentiate and thrive on the new digital frontier. We aim to deliver meaningful content that deepens social engagement, while harnessing never-before known monetization opportunities, by leveraging real-time engagement tools, artificial intelligence, tokens, digital identities, peer-to-peer transactions and beyond.

The Future of Work

we support digital transformation that goes beyond enabling remote ways of working and collaborating. We aim to transform HOW we work by augmenting our human intelligence and capabilities through advanced technologies, which includes specialized digital tools and applications, AI/machine learning and highly integrated platforms… but that’s just the beginning.

Let us shape the global digital landscape in which we live, work, and play in. Together.

Our Strengths

Unique Access

We have unrivalled access to a global network of domain experts and privileged insight before a trend becomes a hit.

Global Network

A successful venture is always a result of putting the right people together. Our partners have extensive global networks to tap into, so we can find the right people when we need them.

Domain Insight

Global insight from business model, product knowledge and cutting-edge technologies gives us an unparalleled advantage.

Venture Builder

A Shenzhen-based tech studio with a highly-experienced team of developers to help the founding teams thrive with next-level technical support and consulting.

Who We Are

Our partners are experts in the fields of media and technology because they’ve not only funded promising startups, but they’ve also founded and led successful ventures. They’ve advised and invested in up-and-coming ventures, providing strategic guidance, domain insight and access to a global network of experts.

Together with an expert in live streaming, gaming and Web3 applications with over 20+ years in IT, we’ve founded Hummingbird Studio, a Shenzhen-based technology studio established to incubate internal projects and support the parent fund’s portfolio projects.


The list includes startup companies wherein the partners invested as angel investors.

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Social Real Time Engagement platform for football fans

Founder: Claudio Storelli
HQ Location: USA
Year Invested: 2021


The World’s First Social Hustling Community

Founder: Arthur Wang
HQ Location: USA
Year Invested: 2021


Speech-to-Text AI

Founder: Klemen Simonic
HQ Location: USA
Year Invested: 2022


Shenzhen-based Tech Studio

Founder: Rainy Xiao
HQ Location: China
Year Invested: 2021


One stop platform for faith-led services

Founder: Manu Jain, Himanshu Semwal & Acharya Dev
HQ Location: India
Year Invested: 2022


A live-selling platform and marketplace for Plant Lovers

Founder: Chen Li
HQ Location: USA
Year Invested: 2023


An online, real-time, interactive community that connects people seeking spirituality, mental health, and mindfulness.

Founder: Rainy Xiao
HQ Location: USA
Year Invested: 2023


Massive Interactive Live Event for the Global GenZ

Co-Founder: Elvin Zhang
HQ Location: Philippines
Year Invested: 2023


A livestreaming app built for GenZ & Millennial Filipinos

Founder: Roland Ros & Rexy Dorado
HQ Location: Philippines


Philippine social app

Founder: Chen Wang
HQ Location: Philippines


South Asia’s largest Content-to-Commerce scale-up

Founder: Darpan Sanghvi, Priyanka Gill and Naiyya Saggi
HQ Location: India


Parenting-focused e-commerce platform

Founder: Bela Gupta D'Souza
HQ Location: Philippines


AudioMind - Unlocking the auditory world

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Temple services platform Vama raises $1.5 million

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